At the Legislature

LAHP works throughout the year on legislative issues important to our members.  During the Legislative Session, members receive frequent updates and opportunities to participate in the legislative process. Here are some ways members stay informed on what's going on at the Capitol.



One benefit of being an LAHP member is access to weekly legislative updates in our association newsletter.  Although newsletters are available on our website, their posting is typically delayed during the session to protect issues that may be sensitive or confidential to the membership.  If your organization is a member of LAHP, you are eligible to receive our newsletter.  You'll be glad you did!

Social Media

LAHP frequently posts legislative updates to its facebook and twitter accounts during the session.  Follow us today!


Legislative Events

LAHP hosts two legislative events during the year - Health Care at the Capitol and the Post-Legislative Workshop.  The first is a comprehensive preview of the session and expected issues, and the second is a wrap-up of passed legislation.  These are member-only events. 


The Final Legislative Report

A copy of LAHP's Final Legislative Report is provided at no cost to attendees of the Post-Legislative Workshop in August.  This is a compilation of the major provisions of both enacted and failed legislation that the association believes is of the most concern and interest to its members.

2013 Report Cover.jpg